Nov 27, 2020

Thanksgiving 2020


am lucky to have such great friends and ones that I have been able to quarantine with as a pod during the Pandemic. This Thanksgiving was just as strange as everything has happened the last few months. Originally, I was planning to head to Michigan (my brother is doing his residency there) to spend Thanksgiving with my family. It has been almost half a year since I saw them and since numbers were better in early Fall the possibility of flying home seemed like a true possibility. However COVID cases have really gotten really bad. But again luckily I had friends to spend the Holiday with and together we were able to have such an incredible home cooked meal. I tried to capture the amazing feast we had:

Such good vibes amongst such hard times but forever grateful and thankful for all the things I have. Vaccine has been approved in multiple countries including ours. Looking forward to hope🤞.