Nov 26, 2020

Web Design for Musicians


ver the last 5 years I have collaborated with several musicians on making websites for them. I have a long history and experience of web design and creation (Frontend and Backend). You can read my journey with Web Design here.

The Portfolio

Web Design is a hobby and passion project of mine. About 5 years ago I decided to combine my know how with web development/design and my eye for design to help musicians in my industry create a functional but also sleek website to help amplify their voice and brand. Since this is not a "full time job" for me I am selective with the collaborations I take on.

If you would like to get into contact with me about a collaboration please click the chat icon on the bottom right of your screen!

Experiential Orchestra

Cutting Edge Design focused with a solution to categorize the many incredible projects of Grammy Award Winning Ensemble, The Experiential Orchestra (EXO)

Ben Ullery

An incredibly fun collaboration with the great violist, Ben Ullery who is the Assistant Principal Violist of the LA Philharmonic.

NEXUS Chamber Music

Collaborative project with the amazing Visual Designer Lara Juriansz and NEXUS Chamber Music Festival Artistic Directors Brian Hong and Alex Hersch. Looked to create the sense of movement and spontaneity in this unique. Had a blast making this unique design come to life. Full featured concert/season/artist/media/video databases

Emerald City Music & Emerald TV

A really fun and unique project where I not only designed a cutting edge website for the acclaimed Emerald City Music Festival but also created a total ON-DEMAND subscription service (think Netflix) called Emerald TV to offer subscribers a library of high quality HD content from concerts to events, to interviews (including 4k content) all watchable on any device (and castable to Chromecast and Airplay) with a Emerald TV subscription account all natively implemented on the site. Emerald TV accounts are also tied into a sophisticated ticketing system for the festival, allowing discount and perks if a visitor is subscribed.

Salchow & Sons

Total "Full-Stack" Website with beautiful modern, clean, eye-catching design mixed with a sophisticated feature-rich backend available for both visitors and staff only. This massive project was truly rewarding working with probably the one of the most preeminent bow stores in the world.

Amernet String Quartet

Clean, Modern design for a well established String Quartet

Eye-catching and sleek design that truly embodies the brand of one of the most popular rising stars in the classical music industry. Strived to mix functionality with a "GQ" look and feel.

Elegant functional multi-page website. This was my first collaboration with a musician.

New Melody Trio

Cutting-edge Design using browser interaction and animations for an ensemble pushing the limits of "classical music". Looked to emulate the "wow" experience when you visit a modern fine dining restaurant using new techniques.


A modern hybrid/single page website that is feature rich that pops. Total custom website with unique features.

A clean, sleek and super functional website for the well-known String Theory Music Chamber Music Festival. Archive of past seasons, and ease of buying tickets for both season and concerts were implemented. This project had a very unique direction as the client had already invested money into making a beautiful season brochure. I was able to adapt and "recreate" the experience of the brochure, translated to the website design.

A simple yet sleek website that is centered around functionality.

Velveteen Ensemble

Functional and Modern website for an ensemble/agency.

An unique portfolio-like website that emulates album-like functionality.

Design that combines not only functionality for a non profit but a design that has flow.

Beautiful yet super simple and functional website. Has built-in native livestream capabilities (non reliant on Youtube, Facebook or Twitch).

Virtual Academy website that provides a clean design with sign up functions such as tuition payments and application submission.

Bright and clean design for a rising star. Commissioned by the Colburn School