Nov 19, 2020

My Start to Photography


isualization has always been important concept for me. As a musician, my auditory skillsets are obviously what have been developed and emphasized howeverI have always been attracted to any stimulations that start with my eyes. This could be with movies, tv and art that lean towards the visual. As a result, I have always been drawn to the idea of photography and being able to share expression by capturing a moment in the world. Unfortunately, I never got around to purchasing a nice camera whether it be having time to use it or just not wanting to spend the money. However during the Pandemic, I had need to purchase a camera for my Twitch show, Basic Pitch. Though I was looking more for a camera that would work well with a capture card for live video, the equipment I choose ended up being a nice entry into the Sony mirrorless world.

Having this camera the last few months I have been able to explore taking shots of people and nature. It has been an awesome experience thus far.

Poconos Trip October2020

I also have had experience in the past with "color correction". As a result, I already feel somewhat comfortable with using Adobe Lightroom to finish off my photos because God knows, I need to do a lot of post editing still since my knowledge with aperture, ISO etc. still really needs to be refined and expanded.

Current equipment

  • Body: Sony Alpha 5100 (could have been the 6100 which has the same sensor but the adjustable LCD screen was important for my streaming purposes). Next body will definitely have a viewfinder
  • Lenses: Stock, FE 2/28. More coming
  • Software: Adobe Lightroom/Photoshop

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